We have over 30 years of Real Estate experience.
We have sold over 1,800+ houses!
We are locally owned and operated in South Central PA.
Call us, or fill out the form to get a response within 24-48 hours!


House in foreclosure?
Bad tenants?
Vacant house?
Owe liens?
Have lots of repairs?
Realtor listing expired?
Estate sale?
Behind on your payments?
Moving or job transfer?
Inherited home?
House worth less than purchase price?
Have more than 1 home?

We buy houses direct from people who may be in any one of these situations.

We buy homes in any condition.
We are a LOCAL company and NOT a national chain.
You will talk to REAL people on the phone; we personally look at your home.
1-800-Will-Pay can make you an ALL CASH offer within a few DAYS, NOT WEEKS!
That’s right, we pay CASH!FAST CASH!
If you like the offer we make you, that is FANTASTIC!!!
We will walk you through every step of the process.
As stated earlier, our company is supported by more than 30+  yrs. of Real Estate experience!
When you do decide to sell your house with 1-800-Will-Pay, you will deal with Professionals!
Now, if you are  not interested in the offer we make you, that is okay too!
We aren’t always a fit for everybody.
But, every year we find the very same people who declined our offer calling us because they aren’t able to get better offers.
Contact us NOW, it’s FREE and confidential.
We don’t sell your information to third parties. We respect your privacy.
Please, feel free to browse through our site and familiarize yourself with 1-800-Will-Pay: South Central PA’s Premier Home Buyer!

Here at 1-800-Will-Pay, We are ready to buy your property TODAY!

The process is simple and easy!